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Are you a Southampton homeowner looking to extend your living space?

We’ve all been there: we don’t have enough storage space, we wish we had a guest bedroom, if only we had two loos. Whatever your reasons for adding more space to your property, extending your home can give you the room you need without the hassle of moving.

How MJS Construction Services can help you every step of the way

Here at MJS, we use our years of knowledge and experience to create the space you need – and provide you with the home you want.

From your initial enquiry, we will work with you to ensure you have the right plans to get the ball rolling. If you don’t have any drawings or you need some inspiration or ideas, we can put you in touch with our recommended architect who can help you through the process.

Once you have your drawings, we will set up a site visit with Matt, the company owner. He will come over to your property and assess the work required in order to provide you with an estimate. If the estimate is within your budget, we will then send over a full quote that’s been broken down into detailed stages. Not only does this help you to see the work involved, but it also enables you to pay for the project as each stage develops.

So, is an extension right for you?

There are several benefits to extending your home, but essentially, building an extension will give you the ability to increase your overall living space. What you do with that space will come down to your lifestyle and why you need the extra room.

For example, you might have bought the house when you were just a couple but have since grown your family and need an extra bedroom or separate family room. Or maybe you enjoy socialising with friends but don’t have a large kitchen or dining area. Extensions can solve this problem by creating another eating space, such as an open-plan kitchen/diner.

Other benefits of building an extension:

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Ultimately, having an extension built on your home enables you to create an area that is perfect for you. And with our skills and expertise, we can help make your dream become a reality.